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What is Dust?

by Mind of a Snail

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tiny bits of matter really matter


What is dust?
Dust mite, dust mite
Dust might be anything

I’m a funny dust bunny
You just swept me off my feet
An articulate particulate
You’re in for a treat
With the ZOOM machine you can see me do my show
I’ll introduce you to some particles I know

My friends are so small, can’t be seen with the human eye
Even if you squint hard and try try try

We can be found on the ground & in the air
Floating around like we just don’t care
We’re all over the floor and in every corner scattered
Everything here is made of tiny bits of matter

“It matters! It matters!”

Outdoors, dust is different from the indoor kind
Let’s take a look outside to see what we find

The pollen is fallin’ from all the plants & trees
When the flowers are bloomin’ it blows on the breeze

Dirt gets kicked up when you walk on the street
Made of rocks & minerals from under your feet
There’s the smoke that comes from chimneys and cars
Ash from industries, factories & space dust from mars!?

And volcanoes too!

Now let’s head back inside where we can learn more
About the dust that exists indoors

Tiny crumbs of food fall from everything you eat
Popcorn, chips and other kinds of treats

Mildew and mold and fungus that is bold
Spores springing out of damp corners join our fold

If you have a pet, their lost hair is here with us
They shed fur & feathers, it’s no fuss
The clothes that you wear, lose many tiny threads
Shoes track in dirt on their dirty dirty treads

Humans, you make a lot of dust yourselves
It falls from your body as dead skin cells
If you gathered every tiny flake that falls from you
In a year you’d collect 8 pounds! (Its true!)
“That’s a lot, for us, to chew!”

Each human drops one million cells per day
It’s microscopic, so doesn’t get in your way
It’s in this type of dust that mites have a heyday!
“Yum yum, munch munch, Hip hip hooray!”

Dust mites are janitors we got what it takes
We clean up by eating from the mass of skin flakes
Don’t be scared, or worried, we wont bite you
Just remember to vacuum up our dust mite poo


Dust might or mite not be seen with the naked eye
When you take the time to look closer to find out why

Dust party people in the house!
Word up we’re microscopic!


released December 28, 2016
lyrics by jessica gabriel
produced, recorded & performed by chloe


all rights reserved



Mind of a Snail Vancouver, British Columbia

shadow soundtracks

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